Anyone Sacrificing Human Beings To Remain In Office Will D*e

Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Worldwide, David Oyedepo has said anyone sacrificing human beings to remain in office will die.

Bishop Oyedepo, who spoke during the first service at Faith Tabernacle on Sunday, rained curses on evil people, saying some were jittery now, as they did not know what he would say next.

“Anyone shedding any innocent blood, wherever they may be hiding in this country, judgement locates them today. Anyone sacrificing human beings to remain in office is cut down today,”

All those agents of the devil, they are jittery now. But every kidnapper that woke up this morning won’t wake up tomorrow morning.

For his church members, Oyedepo said: “Any of the agent that won’t let you go, goes down for you today. Thank You Jesus! You will never know a loss anymore. You will never suffer an assault from the wicked anymore.

“Whosoever dares you from today, dares the apple of God’s eye. This Commission is ordained to wipe away tears from off all faces. Therefore, every form of weeping behind closed doors ends in your life today.

“Your marital destiny is released. Your fruitful destiny is released. Your business and career destiny are released. Your total health is released in the name of Jesus and so shall it be, in Jesus name.”

Oyedepo added: “I think they have heard what they are waiting for. When the Holy Ghost moves on me, that is what happens. There will be calamity tomorrow morning.”

Source (Nation Scoops)

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