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Article: Benefits of Touring as an independent artiste

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Touring in music is an arm that is mostly ignored by many indie artistes for several reasons. The impact and importance of Touring can not be over emphasized. Touring provides a huge opportunity for the artiste to meet and interact directly with fans within the artiste’s current location and other cities.

Touring is also another revenue stream avenue for artistes. Touring literally doesn’t have to cost much. It’s also not an elaborate concept but more of a mini meet and greet live event. In our industry, we have churches as the most available platforms to showcase your music.

Going on tours puts your music in front of new music lovers who may later become your fans and in the long run, the effect is that they buy your music and become very loyal followers.

During tours, artistes can make lots of money from selling merchandise, CDs, and other materials to fans.  This is bascially the whole idea behind every tour; meet, sell and engage.

As an indie artiste, you dont need to travel with so many crew members to cut cost but if you have the means do well to travel with a complete team for efficiency and solid music delivery.

While on tour if there are big concerts taking place in the city you are in, don’t be shy to ask for an opportunity to be an opening act. The platform is going to be very beneficial for your stay in that city. Asking for platform is not a bad idea as many will want to wait to be invited. If there are opportunities jump on it.

Before you kick off any tour, plan properly for transportation, accommodation, feeding and some basic needs for you and the team.

I will itemize the importance and benefits of touring as an indie artiste

1. Increase FanBase
When you tour you get to meet new folks who if they like your music, end up as fans. Like the popular saying that a prophet is not honoured in his home town, people’s in new cities of tours will appreciate your work more than those in your current city. New set of people want to connect with you and embrace your sound even more than you can imagine. It’s also very important to run a proper campaign before tours with a team on ground in the city of tour. You can also have an attendance form made available before tour dates to collect information. After tours keep in touch with fans and make them a fanmily.  You can also update them about your new releases via the email list available.

2. New Market
As a growing artiste you need all the exposure to connect with new people. Music is not for personal consumption hence getting in to new markets will boost your brand sales. During tours if you have built the required fanbase, selling of your materials become as easy as anything. It now goes beyond just you, brands in the city can invite you for performances looking at the numbers you have successfully built.

3. Revenue Increase
I think you can make quick money here. You can even ticket your shows and doing the maths of your capacity, you will understand better. This is outside the merchandise and other gift from fans. Most importantly how you make money is essentially a matter of planning and strategy put in place by the team and yourself.

4. Gain Experience
Touring provides you a huge opportunity to experience other cultures, lifestyles, and meet amazing people . Touring a place like Calabar, a visit to Obudu ranch is a huge experience for many.  Music tour pretty gives you a lot of opportunities anywhere you go.

Before every tour, ensure all the boxes on your checklist are properly ticked.

Finally, dont just wake up to tour, plan, promote and promote again and again months and weeks to the tour date.

I hope as things open up in 2021 you will consider touring with your band across the world and i can’t wait to watch your tour videos and of course see your cds sell out at venues.

Cheers to a great music year.

Written by Sunny Unachi  –  He is the Co-Founder of 7Pro Media & Communications and Switch Music & Entertainment.


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