Article: Don’t replace works with prayers and prayers for work

This might look like sarcasm, but it begs for some critical thinking from every Christian.

Being a Christian, a church worker, leader or even a pastor & whatever position you occupy in church does not stop you from also being hardworking out there.

I’ve seen alot of people saying things like ” I’m called, so I can’t work” and these sets of people are wallowing in abject poverty; living from hand to mouth (that’s if there’s something to put in the mouth).

Little wonder even the bible made reference In (Luke 16:8) that the children of this world are wiser than the children of light. Take a look at the secular world today, we tend to see that most of these guys are successful in various areas in career, business, finance, recognitions etc.


Being hardworking does not affect the anointing, rather being really broke can make you doubt if you are anointed. Yes!
I’ve heard some successful clergymen make these statements so many times to the younger ministers.

Going to school will not limit the move of God in your life, instead you increase in knowledge. Just before you make reference to (John 14 : 26) about the Holy spirit teaching you all things, truth is, you need both, we can’t over emphasize the place of mentorship. Being all spiritual without doing the needful will never give you a balance.

We’ve got 24hours in a day which means you have enough time to study your bible, pray and as well work.

I’m tired of seeing men of God looking like beggars on the street. This laziness has to stop already. “Anointed brothers” please get something doing!

I met a lady that told me about a prayer meeting she attended sometime, and her reason for not attending afterwards was the fact that, the young pastor lays hands on them and whenever he lifts up his hands the odour from his armpit & mouth chokes you much so you can’t even say amen, worse of it is that he looks so tattered. I felt embarrassed.

If all you have is one jacket, you can really keep it clean & neat enough people will hardly notice and talking about deodorants you don’t have to buy the expensive ones, start from the one you can afford, just do your best to be tidy. There’s really no excuse to for laziness and lack of attention to sensitive areas.

Recently I watched a word clip by a Nigerian Pastor as he talked about the fact that he was working and doing ministry until ministry could foot his bills. That’s called balance.

Dear man of God do the needful to balance and compliment your ministry.

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Article: Don't replace works with prayers and prayers for work

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