Article: How to Keep Morality as a Christian

When we hear the word “Morality” the first thing that comes to our mind is “Sexual purity” BUT, what really is morality?

As Christians, morality is simply the way we respond to God’s love and how we allow his word renew our hearts daily. In other words, it is doing what is right and acceptable in the sight of God & “man”.

(John 14:15) “if you love me keep my commandments”, The commandments of God does not in anyway support immorality.

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Why morality and sexual purity work hand – in- hand :

Morality has to do with conduct and being sexually pure or impure is also a thing of conduct or character. By the way, Conduct is a way one manages, carries or present his/herself.

Talks on issues of morality among others have been neglected In our churches today and it has really done more harm than it has good. One of the most common plagues in the body of Christ and society especially among young people is “immorality”

Immorality is generally accepted as a negative trait anyone could have, however people today give it different meanings as it suits their sentiments as a result some persons sees it majorly as related to sexual acts.

For the purpose of this piece, I am pitching my tent more towards sexual immortality.
Sexual immorality is a way or an act of neglecting & defying God’s law on sexual relations.

This addiction and detrimental lifestyle has become culture amongst many people today old & young alike.

Sex was created for the married folks, not for “boyfriend & girlfriend” that are not even sure of being together as man & wife in future. I wonder how many persons understand that sex is much more spiritual going beyond the physical activity.

Marriage is said to be incomplete until sex is involved,one word for it is consummation. Anything outside the original plan of God concerning this act is what I call “Sexual immorality”

Why is “Sexual immorality” a trend in our society today?

First reason is the failure of the first sex educators playing their part. Parents before we talk of teachers and religious organizations shy away from this important aspect of a growing child; discussion on sex related issues are painted forbidden until young people get exposed learning from third parties then it becomes a concern. Unfortunately, these acts would have eaten deep into the young people who now sees immorality as part of life.

Secondly, the toxicity in almost every environment today has also contributed to this trend of sexual immorality. Truth, is some places are highly unhealthy as far as the growth of a child is concern nowadays, people dressing half naked, with vulgar language or words flying around daily, what a child is exposed to automatically becomes a lifestyle for that child, remember children Catch up faster learning from examples.

Parents most especially should wake up to their responsibility of teaching the younger generation about the dos & don’t of sex so as to combat this act that has become a trend in this generation.

The word of God is a defensive tool against immorality. The word of God quickens, brings light and renew our mind/hearts daily. Constant engagement in study yeilds positive results which could be the basis upon which the beginning of the end of this plague stands.

Sexual immorality has done more harm than good in our world today and that error has to be corrected by us all. So what are you doing to stop this unholy trend?

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Article: How to Keep Morality as a Christian


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