Audio + Video: Temitope Kumnandi – Lord I Worship You

Temitope Olawale popularly called KUMNANDI is out with her most anticipated single titled Lord I Worship You (Audi0 + Video)

LORD, I WORSHIP YOU” is a sacrificial contemporary worship song that demonstrates God’s power and mercy in a variety of ways. The song proves that GOD is everything and extols his majesty.

This song was originally recorded in 2021

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Lyrics: Lord I Worship You – Temitope Kumnanadi

Lord I worship you
And I bow before your throne
Please accept my sacrifice of love
For you are everything to me
You are powerful
You are powerful
So powerful
So powerful
You are merciful in all your ways
I will lift my voice morning, night and day to extol your majesty.

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Audio + Video: Temitope Kumnandi – Lord I Worship You

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