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Avoid breakfast if you want your life to be fast __ pastor David Ibiyeomie

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Pastor David Ibiyeomie the founder of Salvation Ministries Home of Success, spoke about the importance of fasting and he revealed that for all the big men of God, there is no single one of them who does not fast.

He said that Papa Adeboye, Papa Oyedepo are fasting giants. You can’t pastor a big church without fasting. Those churches you’re seeing in America where they are shouting no fasting their members are 100, no megachurch can do without fasting, because Satan will stand to resist. Fasting is a major requirement in the school of empowerment.

Speaking further, he said that fasting subdues wickedness. It loses you from the wickedness of the world and we are in a wicked world. So, what fasting does is that it makes sure you’re not a victim of wickedness. You need to fast if you don’t want the wickedness of the wicked to keep you down. According to him, there are certain challenges that will never go until you fast and pray.

According to him, there are certain challenges in your life that wickedness will place on you that no matter what you do it won’t go until you pray and fast.

If you don’t know the purpose of a thing abuse is inevitable. You shouldn’t sit down and claim that you don’t need to fast. All you do is to be shouting Glory to God and demanding good tea in the morning and a good breakfast. Even English is correct, break your fast, you don’t fast in the morning so you take breakfast.

Speaking further, he said that many of us want breakfast and we want our lives to be fast. No way can happen. He said that you can’t take breakfast and your life becomes fast because once you’ve taken breakfast you’ve broken your fast. “So, I fast to make sure the yoke upon me is broken,” he said. When I fast and pray, things that are not working will begin to work and this year everything not working will work for you.

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