BeatsRelationship: Relationship is not a job opportunity!

BeatsRelationship: Relationship is not a job opportunity!


Relationship is not a job opportunity!

Dear sister of the most high billing every guy that comes your way isn’t a sign of maturity.
Relationship wasn’t meant to be a means of extortion neither was it created to be parasitic.
If all you do In that relationship is to be on the demanding side then, there’s every tendency that relationship will not work.

The fact that you’re in a relationship doesn’t automatically makes you become fatherless. Hope you’re hearing?
Before you met that fine brother, you had a father and after meeting him biko still remember your father is still alive.

How can you be billing someone son with an amount even your father couldn’t give you? Ehh!
So you want that innocent man to work hard and spend all his earnings on you abi,
kpele mother of the coast.

In as much as there’s a place for giving in a relationship doesn’t mean you should abuse the privilege; yes, its a privilege because its not your money. abi is it your money?

My dear sister it was love you found before starting that relationship not vacancy for a job.
Imagine you start glowing anyhow because of the expensive treats you we’re extorting from that lover boy and all of a sudden the relationship now scara, shey you can maintain that glow on your own.
I came to realize that only broke girls turns their partner into an ATM machine..

Being broke is a thing of the mind and not totally a reality.
I know you’re beautiful and curvy but my sister add common sense to this attribute and you’ll get a balanced equation.

Responsible women are not so demanding you know why? Because they’re hardworking, intelligent and reserved.
So ma help yourself and become responsible before its to late.

Like the popular saying “common sense is common but can’t be found in the market”

Instead of night club everyday build yourself, learn new things and be a better person.

No man wants a woman that will be lavishing his money anyhow ooo; don’t say I didn’t tell you.

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