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Believe it or not, the mark of the beast will be unleashed through the world cup__ mummy G.O

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While many people thought the viral video of Mummy GO was a skit, she came out to clear the air regarding her sermons. Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo became a subject of debate both online and offline as a result of her preaching. The evangelist is fond of sending people to hell in her preaching.

Evangelist Funmilayo revealed during an interview with BBC News Pidgin that she has spent over 900 years in the underworld and that it’s beyond the understanding of men. She revealed that she perpetrated so many evil while she was still living in the other side, but since she became a new creature, she got no option other than to call people to repentance because Jesus is coming soon.

When asked about her preaching about lovers of football going to hell, in a shallow  tone, she claimed that it’s true and that she wasn’t the only person that has preached against football. According to her, it was already discussed in the kingdom of darkness and there is a plan to unleash the mark of the beast(Anti Christ) through the world cup. She made it clear that if her claims was a joke, she would have made reference to other sporting activities, not just football.

I Said Footballers Will Go To Hell Is Because The Anti-christ Will Come Through World cup.

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