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Can I have more than one date provided am not married?

Alot of young people in relationship both christians and other religion ask this question more often.
Let’s look sternly into this.
Before considering keeping more than one partner because you feel you’re not yet married to the person, hope you can handle whatever comes your way later as a result of your nonchalant attitude.
One of the major reason why you sincerely accepted the person in the first is because you love the person right? Yeah
Love comes with alot of responsibilities like:
“Respect and

If this four things are not accompanying your love life then it’s not geniune love.
Genuine love is not one sided but both sides, so in all sincerity, you cant be so committed to more than one person.

Your courtship/relationship helps you both become better people for the future.

The thought/mindset of ” am not yet married, so i can double date” is only a rehearsal into becoming an adultrous partner in marriage.

Relationship helps you build commitment to a high level, it can come to a point where you’re skeptical about taking decisions without the knowledge of the other person..
Every healthy relationship needs Two sincere people and anything contrary to this is a negation.
Having more than one partner in a relationship is a decitful and unhealthy habit for the future.
You don’t stay committed to your partner because it’s a do or die affair, you stay committed because of your own integrity, peace of mind, discipline and fear of God.
So before getting into that relationship check well, consider something’s within yourselves like: can I be committed, can I be respectful, can I trust you etc. If you can’t pls back out.
Alot of people are damaged already because of what transpired in their previous relationships as to dating wrongly; let’s fix this problem by being sincere in all we do.
So having more than one date because you’re not married is only a special training for Adultery in the nearest future.

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