Christian songwriters and singers Don’t Be Late on Tiktok

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking platform owned by Chinese company ByteDance. Users can share short videos up to about a minute long. TikTok videos cover every genre of content.

Two of the major features that define TikTok are its personalization algorithm and its infinite nature. When using the app, there are two main pages. The first is the “Following” page, where users can scroll through videos posted by accounts they follow. The second, the “For You” page, is where TikTok thrives. It is an infinite page of videos generated by an algorithm that uses data about what pages and videos users have interacted with before

Over the years TikTok has grown to become an essential tool for music promotion for aritste and labels. Songs can become big on the app even without getting so big on the mainstream. Many songs can take off just building massive follower-ship and interactions from fans.

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Tiktok has become a very strong and critical part of music growth. Industry attention is grately shifting towards using tiktok as a major promotional platform. The question is, how has the Christian community used it to promote their content?

Recently popular tiktok influencer, Victor Thompson dropped a medley ( a cover) for Intentional & Okaka by Tim Godfrey & Incredible God by Mercy Chinwo. That cover has gained over 700,000 duet and video shares. The attention that platform has gotten isn’t unfounded. Songs can quickly trend on tiktok and has the possibility of climbing charts. A few days ago, i was randomly on tiktok and found another old song trending and which song is that ‘The Way You Father Me’

Do you know that your songs are available on tiktok? Well at the point of delivering your songs to stores via your aggregator, you have an option to make it available on tiktok as a social media platform. What does this imply, you can ask people to use the song to create videos in situations where you can’t afford to pay content creators and influencers to promote.

Music marketing and promotion on tiktok is bigger than you can imagine but how many are ready to jump on the opportunities therein. If you are still stucked on Instagram and facebook it’s time to move on and add tiktok as a very vital tool for your promotion.

Tiktok can bring you quickly into the spotlight with a good song obviously and massive engagement.

Songs can become big on TikTok and yes it can generally impact how people will receive it in the mainstream. Lets take a quick trip on how you can make it on TikTok

Music business requires alot of commitment and finance. Many record labels hire as much as over 20 TikTok influencers to amplify their records. With this it is possible to predict the outcome of a song on the platform. Many influencers will ask for a duet on a song which to me is really a big one for any song. I will still make reference to Victor Thompson who i think is currently one of the biggest Christian Tiktoker. Many people made a duet on the video with others sharing testimonies on the shared video. You see the impact and reach of that is beyond words. I can state categorically if he was paid to influence that record he should be earning millions in Naira. What this also means is you need to start by engaging your own content before you get an influencer.

What you should do is look for influencers and strike a better deal. A deal such as a creative content creation and direct involvement to pushing the song with a possibility of a duet.

You can as well write songs that references the apps memes and trends, this will help search and the content recommendation algorithms. I know many artiste really find the app difficult to understand but you have to continue learning, relearning and creating until you get a hang of it & also getting desired results.
However, not all songs will trend on Tiktok. Some trends can start off from the mainstream and dive into Tiktok.

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TikTok also has an internal music division dedicated to monitoring music trends on the app. The team has a series of “promo levers” it uses to boost the popularity of songs. The company can add new tracks to playlists in the “Sounds” section of its app and apply keywords on the back end to optimize song discoverability in the app’s search interface.

TikTok presents a perfect platform for unknown, aspiring musicians and songwriters. Musicians can post videos of themselves singing covers of popular songs, and each post has a possibility of going viral if it receives enough engagement.


Would you leverage on the opportunities that abound as far as TikTok is concerned?

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Christian songwriters and singers Don't Be Late on Tiktok


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