Download MP3: Abel Trish shares a heartfelt worship ‘Groanings’

Abel Trish has brought in a new revelation about love in her new single dropping soon GROANINGS!!
When you get so intimate that your communication with your lover is beyond words but your lover understands even your silence and moaning, that’s another level of relationship. And this song GROANINGS brings you to that place were words fail to really explain your true feelings . And with groanings you will express yourself better.




Eh na na na eh na na na na
Eh na na na eh na na na na

Only you understand
Just the way i feel inside
You understand the groanings
In my heart
You know me more than i know me lord
You see the deep inside and you know my all
But you still love me like no other
When words fail me
And my melodies fail
With groanings i will say iyah ehh

Iyah ehh eh eh
Iyah oh oh oh

Iyah eh eh eh eh
Eyah oh oh oh oh oh

I am yours and you are mine with
nothing standing in between
My expressions may not explain how
How i feel for you perfectly
My heart wants to say I love you
But somehow it doesn’t come out right eh eh eh
When words fail me and my melodies fail
With groanings i will say iya eh

Iyah eh eh eh
Iyah oh oh oh

.Iyah eh eh eh eh eee
Iyah oh oh oh oh


Iyah eh
Iyah eh
Iyah eh eh eh eh eh eh eh
When when melodies fail,
When words fail me
With groanings in my heart
I will shout my love for you
Shout my love for you
Shout my love for you

Ehya na na na na 3x

Iyah eh
eh eh e e

Eh na na na
Na na na eh


Enyi Patricia Okwa, simply know by her stage name, Abel Trish, is a contemporary gospel singer, songwriter, a recording and performing artist, based in Abuja (Nigeria). Who released her official debut single “i join them” October 2018, followed by another titled “not alone” and pray 4 9ja, She has worked with Good Man International Band, PAD Records, Icon Records and Blast TV And presently serving as the music director of deluge (calvary seat of power ambassador ministry)

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