Elements of a Great Worship song; Omeriwo by Isabella Melodies (The Review)

Isabella Ogo-Uzodike, popularly known as Isabella Melodies, is a worshipper, pastor, speaker, songwriter, psalmist, author and multi-award winning international Gospel recording artist. She’s gifted with a ministry that bridges the gap between the old-school hymn lovers and contemporary Gospel music enthusiasts.

On the 14th of January, 2022 she released a brand new sound titled Omeriwo translated as ‘God has prevailed’. The song is the first tune off her yet to be released 10th album tagged “Melodies From The Secret place”.

Derived from scripture, Revelations 5:5 “Behold, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed…” Omeriwo speaks about the victory we have as believers. It is a strong declaration of our Victory in Christ.

And now to the review;

In ancient times Alpha horns/King horns were used to announce the arrival of very important people and dignitaries. The first element in this song is the sound of the horn – like ancient times – announcing the presence of a dignitary.

When you press play, you are welcomed with the sound of a horn announcing the presence of ‘The One’ & closely accompanied by drumbeats – which reminds me of the famous song by Micheal jackson ‘They don’t care about us’ only this time with a milder tempo whilst other instruments join in a simple but well composed intro.

The first verse kicks off with the harmonious voice of the backup vocalist, while the Lead vocalist (Isabella) comes in with the Chorus. The sequence blends smoothly with intro coming again after the first verse and chorus. The flow of this tune is not just great but well articulated that it adds color to the song.

The next verse is chorused together with lyrics that clearly elucidates how The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has Prevailed.

The bridge of this song stands in a league of its own, according to Isabella it is a War Cry. It stirs up your heart and you probably would be soaked in a place far from the Natural before the bridge, and if otherwise, the bridge would certainly do the job.

Omeriwo is not just one of those songs but a well thought and planned out song of worship. The background vocalists deserves huge accolades for delivering with professionalism bringing their A-game most especially for keeping the harmony tight.

This piece would not be complete without a shout out to the musicians for a well coordinated music and great musicianship spirit, not forgetting the music director for proper coordination of every element necessary to make the song superb. The lead vocalist sure embodied the song as expected of one who is known with a high taste for excellence.

One unique element of the song, however, is the horn induced into the song especially as it begins and ends the track. Omeriwo is a well tailored song with proper lyrics to create a sound that actually conveys the magnitude of The One who has prevailed (Omeriwo).

While the lyrics convey the declaration of victory for the One who has Prevailed, the music mirrors our stand as believers (the ones who believe in the Prevailed One).

There’s a captivating feel  to the sound with straightforward lyrics repetitive enough to be sung in unison.

The song dropped alongside a visually appealing video shot in a large space with great lighting, superb and well structured ambiance. The effort invested into making this project and the result fuels the anticipation for Isabella’s next project.



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