Five Reasons You Should Stream TY Bello’s New Album: ‘We Are Fire’ Album Review

Renowned Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter and photographer, TY BELLO is out with a new project her first for 2022 and it is tagged “WE ARE FIRE“.

The song features exceptional artistes like Greatman Takit, Folabi Nuel, Nosa, 121 Selah amongst others. Packed with ten spirit filled singles from a spontaneous worship session, the ‘We are Fire’ album is one that stirs the heart for revival.
Speaking about the song, she shared; “WE ARE FIRE” is pretty much a declaration of a revival that has come. We wanted to make music that people can pray with, worship with, seek and find God with…we just wanted people to experience revival…to taste and feed on the fire of God raw.”
According to Ty Bello what was most exciting about making the album was being with people who were ecstatic about loving God and were excited about The Presence as the Album was Unplanned.
The album has been on the lips of gospel influencers and has been making waves across the Gospel space. Hence, we decided to curate five reasons you should listen and stream the album;

1. The Album Speaks Of God’s Heart For This Generation
If you have been searching for God’s will for this generation, then this album ‘We are Fire’ has the necessary answers for you. Consisting 10 anointed songs and featuring amazing worshippers, this album carries a clear message of what God wants for us as Believers.
The testimonies and reviews from listeners of the album substantiates this view and why you should listen to this project.
2. It fosters Deep Intimacy with God
Intimacy with God is an integral part  of our walk as believers, Ty Bello knows this and created a masterpiece that aids this objective. The Album is one that creates an atmosphere where you crave for a deeper relationship with God. You would crave for things beyond the ordinary while you listen and move through the album. Various testifiers attest to this point.
3. It creates an Encounter as it stirs Up your Spirit
After you experience an intimacy, ‘We are Fire’ album further pushes for an encounter. What you experience is a divine encounter that you would not need to be told but you would know. It would come with deep revelations of hidden secrets and this will further change your perspective of things around you for good.
The words of Murray Smith (Lead Pastor of Catch The Fire) creates the perfect picture of what you would experience “You’d be completely undone and you’d see God for who He truly is and be overwhelmed with His Goodness.’ (Paraphrased)
4. TY Bello is an excellent worshiper and this album is an excellent Worship Album
TY Bello is not just a worshiper but one who is excellent and sensitive to the spirit. In her words “The album was unplanned but she allowed The Flow of God’s Presence”. The songs in the album are simple yet deep, the messages are light yet heavy.
With top notch collaborations with Nosa, 121 Selah, Folabi Nuel, Greatman Takit, Awolesi Philip Oluwadamilola and Sinmidele, this album was nothing short of excellent.
5. The album is an Experience you need to Feel
The entirety of this album is an experience one needs to feel. Beyond every analysis we give, you need to experience this album for yourself. TY Bello said. one reason she created this project was to ensure people experienced  a revival.
One major reason you should listen is because you need to experience everything analized in points 1-4 and after you experience this, comment at the section below what you think about the album.

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Five Reasons You Should Stream TY Bello’s New Album: ‘We Are Fire’ Album Review

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