Crystal meth (Methamphetamine) is a deadly drugs used only by few patients in small quantity when prescribed by a physician.

This drugs is mainly prescribed for obese patients under the supervision of a specialist.

Crystal meth was used between 1939 and 1945 by soldiers during the second world war (WWII) for defense purposes and by Japanese pilots in the 18s before their sucide missions.

Like the popular saying, “when the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable”.

Crystal meth was meant to be used by patients with some deficiency but the reverse has been the case as some of our youth have derived pleasure in abusing it.

Many young people got introduced to this hard substance by bad friend’s (peer pressure), some as a result of poor home training, others as a result of poor knowledge of the use of drugs

Crystal meth has done more harm than good to our Homes, societies and country as a whole.

Our youths that are meant to be the leaders of tomorrow has engaged themselves in the use of hard drugs and this has affected them psychologically, emotionally, academically and politically. Instead of most of this youth’s to engage themselves in something meaningful in the society, the illicit use of this drugs only makes them think otherwise hereby, engaging in violence, stealing, theft and all manner of attrocities in the society. This drugs affect the youth’s level of resoning/thinking, it weakens their body cells hereby making them vulnerable to diseases/sickness, it affects their looks making them look sick, drained and unpresentable.

Sincerely speaking, alot of youth sees it as fun but then how does engaging in something that’s detrimental to your health be seen as fun? That’s because of the presence of harmful chemical’s that makes them feel on top of the world.

This substance when taking increases one’s temperature and can indeed shorten the lifespan of an individual.

Research has proven that Methamphetamine contains deadly/harmful chemicals that can result to early death amongst young people. This drug even make those that consume it uncomfortable and makes them engage in negative acts.

Crystal meth has done more harm than good and this is also a call for the abolishment of this deadly substance that’s making news in our society and country as a whole. Crystal meth is a killer and shouldn’t be patronized by anyone both young and old.

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