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[Music + Lyrics]: Jesus – Samuel Kenneth

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Samuel Kenneth releases a brand new song titled “Jesus” off his latest EP.

The song which also serves as the title track for the EP is spirit-filled worship that activates the heart of men to worship Our Saviour.

The song exalts the name of Jesus Christ and invites the indwelling of God’s power, presence, peace, glory and joy into everyone who truly seeks the heartbeat of God.

“The Father is seeking such to worship him. God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.

This is an essential part of our believer’s faith which involves spiritual intimacy that separates us from those who seek after other gods.

Regardless of our circumstances, when our heart is set apart for true worship, then we are privilege to enjoy God’s supreme presence.

God sees every heart and mind, so, I encourage you even in the midst of challenges, to make worship an important aspect of your life with God (John 4:23-24, Psalm 100:2, 2 Chronicles 16:29) – Samuel Kenneth says.

This is an inspirational song carved out to create an intensive moment of worship both in the closet or publicly unto our Lord Jesus Christ.”



Lyrics: Jesus By Samuel Kenneth

Lord we worship you
We come before you
Humbly before your presence

And we bow and worship you
There is none holy, as you Lord seated upon the throne and highly exalted
Hmmn yeah, worship you

Jesus, Jesus
Precious Lord, I worship you
My Jesus, My Jesus
Precious Lord,  I worship you

I glorify,  your Holy name
I magnify, your Holy name

Jesus, Jesus
Precious Lord, I worship you

I glorify your Holy name
Your Holy name
I magnify
I magnify, your Holy name

Your Holy name

Oh, Jesus
My Jesus

Precious Lord
Precious Lord
I worship you

Come on, raise it higher, oh – glorify
I glorify, your Holy name
Your Holy name
I magnify

I magnify, your Holy name
I magnify, Hallelujah!
Your Holy, your Holy name
Oh, Jesus

Hmmm, Jesus
Thank you, Jesus
Precious, precious, Lord
Worship you, oh

Precious Lord, I worship you
Worship you
Ohhh, God, worship you
Precious Lord, I worship you


Precious Lord, I worship you
We lift you, high
Yeah, yeah, precious Lord
Precious Lord, I worship you

Worship you!

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
We give you praise
(speaking in tongue)
We celebrate you, God

(speaking in tongue)
Ohh, we worship you
Blessed be your name



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