Music Review: Emmanuel Ekpo’s Inspirational Song ‘Naija Koni Baje’

Nigerian Lawyer, singer, song writer, recording artiste and Music Director, Emmanuel Ekpo dropped his fourth single a month ago titled NAIJA KONI BAJE featuring talented gospel singer Oche and rapper George Bosso.

Naija Koni Baje simply means Nigeria will not go bad, the title is written in Yoruba. The song was released a day after the 61st Independence Celebration to celebrate with Nigeria. However, beyond celebrating Nigeria, the song is a song of prophecy over Nigeria and speaks to the hearts and minds of Nigerians about Faith,unity, love, peace, hope and strength in Nigeria.
The song depicts one who believes in Jesus Christ and His Nation declaring that Nigeria will never go down  amidst the chaotic nature of happenings around but will be good and great as long as Nigerians rise up to her beautiful/glorious destiny and stand strong to ensure its fulfillment. The writer clearly advocates for A New Nigeria by triggering the right consciousness of Her citizens.
Now to the song review proper, The song starts with a bass kick followed by a melodious acoustic to follow, this is in turn followed by a chant from a male voice (the voice can be likened to chants used in welcoming a King or prepping an army for war). The amazing thing about this song is the beat which is a combination of a parade feel and trap (imagine a combination of both), the nature is soothing to the ears and the lyrics that follow fits perfectly.
The call and response in the Pre-chorus was a good fit for what follows (eh eh eh…). At this point it’s important to give accolades to the background vocalists in this song, they did proper justice, from their response to the calls and then the chorus, they nailed it.
My name is George Bosso’ has to be my favorite line in this song, what a way to come in with the flow. He kept the rap simple yet it struck the nerve of patriotism. The change of instrumentation was a plus and the verse by oche that followed a great addition to the song. Oche’s Vocal dexterity added a great feel to the song.
The climax of the song accompanied by the claps is a great way to acknowledge our victory over disunity as a Nation with Faith. The song is really great and its prophecies are very important to Nigeria as a Nation.
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Music Review: Emmanuel Ekpo's Inspirational Song 'Naija Koni Baje'

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