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AM 2da PM is a song about hope and the love of God. The heavenly Father loved us so much that in our daily activities He guides us to see that we achieve all we set out to become. We can be the best version of ourselves and make wins every day.
The song is a song of God’s love and faithfulness from the breaking of dawn to dusk. His faithfulness is everlasting and this song is inspired by what God can and has done


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Give my praising always
With my eyes fixed on the rock of ages
I do this everytime like david in his time see
I praise him from the Am to the PM

Am to the PM
Am to the P … M

Verse 1:
AM to the PM time couldn’t miss him
-victories I won all the years yeah with him
-God in my DM chilling in the BM
-chilling in the spirit mode mehn I’m a GM

-see my rabba is badder I’m sharper than dagger
-my swagger is madder my father my father who put my flows in a quiver
-sunshines and diamonds, diamonds for the Raymonds
-worship him in spirit and in truth for the eons

– dòbálé to Abba Ubangiji Father
-chineke imëlá yes the messiah
– so says the bible ephesians chapter five
-counting down down down saying higher

– princeful, royalty, lover of the trinity
– giving God the glory yes sir cos I’m a prodigy
– worship in my bones praises on my lips
– and everytime Amma praise him like this

Verse 2:
I agree total madness
When it comes to praising God the wars should be loudness
*So I am shouting it laud to the best of my ability
* like son like father The devil should be afraid of me
* I stay focus eye on the cross
* I damage the play button so there is no need for the pause
*I come with the rush, Thrinity the Force
*Jesus the Boss Die on the cross
*They say when am praising I should keep it on the low
*I tell them, am amongt’s the soldier that was meant to make the speakers blow
*Yeh men, this is reality
*As the earth be spinning the world revolving
*So I don’t feel bad when they say its madness
* When I praise God I praise him regardless
* When David praise the Lord it was total madness
* It’s ok if MX goes twice the madness

About Artiste

Ray Mond excitingly, known as G-RAY, is a Recording Artist, Songwriter, Music Executive, Actor, Dancer, and Entrepreneur. Who’s genre is the Christian hip hop and Urban contemporary gospel.

Long before the radio air plays, the shows, events, interviews, and awards. Music was an expression of his newfound love for God through music, artistically. Right from his humble beginnings in the streets. And in gatherings with friends, G-RAY’s songs have been an expression of his everyday experiences.

It has grown into new beginnings and daily opening new frontiers for him. This all started with no strategy, no funds, no big players making big moves. To G-RAY, It was just passion, faith, and a desire to help others change their view on how they see the world.

There is no sure route to carving out a significant presence in the music industry, but always something to be said for remaining true to yourself. – G-RAY

Since arriving on the music scene in 2007, G-RAY has been pushing through the limits of his art. And equally combining his skills in all parts of the entertainment industry, spreading the message of God’s Love.

Safe to say that his art, has been very much about inspiring the streets with love and faith.

So long as there are people on earth, others would learn more about the love of God through our love for one another and passion for creativity, excellency and servitude. – G-RAY

Welcome to G-RAY’s world of music, passion, and artistic expression of God’s love. Stay with us and let’s change the world together with one piece of good music at a time.

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Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @G_RAY116

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