Nigerian Urban/Contemprary Gospel Artiste to look out for in 2021 (Part 2)

The unique style of the contemporary gospel music is one whose developmental process is fascinating. Although, this genre of gospel music appeals more to the generation Z and lovers of the Afrobeats sound. Contemporary music is growing at a rapid rate and there is a large influx of gospel artiste embracing urban gospel music. The contemporary gospel music consists of genres like Afrobeats, Hip-Hop and alternatives.

Moving forward from part one of the article here are some of the artiste to look out for in 2021;

Adole Moses popularly known as A Mose is a gospel sensation who explores hip hop and Afropop music. Born on the 12th of June and raised in Benue state, his music is focused on urban Christian culture. He makes music with the aim of documenting the human experience, as well as eliciting God’s Image. His last body of work ’Kullez Kid in Africa’ was released on the 27th of November and has since been making impacts on the airwaves. Amose is one person to look out for in the urban gospel scene.

2. Nolly CIA
Named Nonso Tony Onwuli but majorly known as Nolly is a gifted rapper and lyricist from Anambra. He is a founding member of the sensational music team, CIA (Christ I Abide) alongside DIKKY, PROPANE, KINSU, DABZ and DEXTA. His style of music is unique and can best be described as mixing witty slangs with stories, punchlines and truth with the sleekest delivery. A true embodiment of culture that never misses an opportunity to infuse his catch phrase’Son of the Highest!’ into his song. One of the most featured gospel artistes in 2020, he has shared the stage with musical legends like Sinach, Joe Praise and many more. He released an extended Playlist in 2020 tagged ’The Blessed of God’, the Ep has experienced wide acceptance across the globe especially in the latin part of the world. We look forward to many more from Nolly in 2021.


3. Limoblaze

Samuel O. Imo popularly known by his stage name Limoblaze was born on October 25th 1995, he hails from Bende local govt. in Abia state Nigeria. He encountered music at a very tender age and was majorly influenced by rappers like 50 cents, Eminem, 2PAC amongst others until his path change and he fell in love with gospel rappers and musicians Lecrae, Da truth, the Ambassador, Trip lee, Kb, Andy mineo, Tedashi and many more. He found what he described as the spirit of God mixed with love, hope and faith in this Christian rap songs as opposed to the emptiness he always felt inside him after listening to and writing circular songs. He then changed his musical message and embarked on a mission to discover and show Christ to the world through his lyrics.
Limoblaze made immense impact in the urban gospel scene in 2020, some of which are:
One of the originators of the Prayer Walk during the end sars protest
One of the most featured artiste in the gospel scene
A collaborative album with an international act Da’Truth.
Limoblaze has assured us of his relentlessness and we trust 2021 would be bigger.

4. Yoyo micheals
YOYO is a gospel singer/songwriter who started music at the age of 8 and was recruited into the adult choir. After her graduation from Benson Idahosa University in 2008, YOYO started recording songs professionally.

‎She is a major power house in the contemporary gospel music industry though not widely known she is a member of the female cocoon making positive impact on the Urban Contemporary Gospel scene. The African gospel queen also excels as a singer and content creator. Her contents are sure something to look out for 2021 of course not forgetting are superb music.

5. Seiba

Sarah Ogechukwu Okoye also known as Seiba is an Abuja based hip-hop artist, with a unique voice texture and delivery style. Her passion for speaking and her musical abilities drove her into the art of expressing her thoughts and ideals through music. Her musical journey began in her first year of college, Benson Idahosa University in 2008, where she auditioned for membership into ‘Rap Community’, a popular group in school, founded by Munachi Abii (Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2007). This set the outlet on which she did her first ever stage rendition; at one of her department’s social event. From then on, her passion for music was detonated! She moved back to Abuja in 2012 and has since done some work with the likes of Dj Ernesty, Steve Willis, Jay R and Mad Mo Concepts. The list would be incomplete if we do not look out for Seiba.

There you have it these are the some of the artiste that drew our attention in Naijagospelbeat

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