No Pastor Will Go To Hell For Buying A Private Jet — Evangelist Victor Edet

Popular controversial Evangelist Victor Edet has defended clergymen who are proud owners of expensive Private Jets and he has averred that it is not sin to own one.

He made the statement while criticizing those who criticize Pastors as he questioned them for not also lampooning worldly musicians who send sinful messages via their songs and use the money they get for vain things like Gold and Diamonds instead of helping their poor fans.

In his words ;

THERE’S absolutely nothing wrong if a Pastor buys private Jet’s or Build Expensive Schools. No Pastor will go to Hell for buying Private Jet.

Most of you criticizing Pastor’s for having Private Jet’s and expensive Schools pay 10,000 Naira or Above to watch Worldly Musicians Perform on stage. These Musicians use your money to build Houses that you can’t afford.

These Musicians tells you through their song’s to get rich through any means, even though it’s takes you to go Into Rituals, Internet Fraud, selling your soul. They Promote hard drugs, Sex. The Female Musicians walks around naked, they Promote Dirty Lifestyle.

They waste money on Gold and Diamond Instead of helping their Poor Fan’s. They waste money on Women and Hard Drugs Instead of giving alms to the Poor.

Your Pastor did not ask you to steal, take hard drugs, Sleeps around with women, kill to get wealth. Yet you speak against them for Building Expensive Schools and spare the worldly Singers who use your money to Womanize, Smoke Weed and Build Houses that you their fan’s can’t afford.

The Church is not the problem of Nigeria. Bad Governance and Nigerian Musicians are the Problem. If you move around the Streets and ask the Crooks, Theives, Yahoo Boy’s, Hoodlums who their Mentors are, they will never mention a Pastor, but the Worldly Singer’s.

Pastor’s are not the one that Increased the Price of Diesel, Gas, Fuel, Food Stuffs. Pastor’s are not the cause why Nigeria can’t boast of 24hrs electricity and Good Road’s.

Credit: Nation Scoops

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