Public or Private Relationship As A Christian Which Is Better (part 2)

Public or private Relationship as a Christian which is better? (Part 2)

Let’s start by properly defining what love and Relationship is:

What is love?

true love really don’t have a definition; but I’ll be using biblical definition of Love because it best defines it amongst others.

Love is a deep feeling of affection towards another.

Love is kind, love is patient, does not envy, love does not dishonour others, love does not keep records of wrong, love is not boastful or proud.

Love is beyond physical attraction or strong feelings. Love stands for truth, respect and obedience.

Relationship on the other hand, is generally defined as an association between people that have or share a deep sense of connection..  Now with the above definition of relationship and love, is it possible to love someone and at the same time be in a relationship with that person but not proud to tell those around you?

If the intention is pure, will there be need for secrecy??   Truth is “NO” if you truly love someone, the first indicator is the joy of introducing either the guy/lady to those close to you.

If the intentions is pure, secrets will be far from your relationship.   You don’t have to paste it on billboards, post on social media always but there won’t be any need for hiding in any way..

So therefore, any relationship or anyone that’s not proud of his/her partner publicly should be aborted with immediate effect.

Life is to short to be tied up with someone that don’t see your value publicly.

If the only time he/she can confess love to you is in private then what is love when you’re not boastful of it.  you’re a born again christian does not mean you don’t have feelings and no one will hold you for been in love with your partner, except that doing it the right way is the focus.

I know a number of great men of God who emphasised on how public their relationship was and how it worked for them even before they got married. what worked for mr A might not work for B though, the focus just remain you can’t hide who or what you love.

Love is a force that can’t be hidden, it will be seen all around you.

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Public or Private Relationship As A Christian Which Is Better (part 2)

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