Public or Private Relationship as a Christian Which Is Better

Public or Private Relationship as a Christian which is better?


In times where there is absolute no shame and lack of character by many across the world, should Christian’s display affection in public?


Should Christians hide their relationship status? What’s the implication of this?


Is love meant to be hidden?


I think my questions will give a clue to where I am headed on this topic.


Recently we have seen or heard some Christian’s say I dont like public display of affection, or I dont want people to know we are a thing, let’s keep it secret until it’s the right time. When should be the right time? Do you love without others even in your circle knowing? Or do you have the intent to play with the hearts of our sisters or brothers as the case might be?


What really is the cause of

hide and seek in christian relationships?


When love is not expressed publicly is it still true love?


In times where morals have dropped drastically, do we still have Christian’s with an absolute fear of God where a relationship is devoid of immorality and the likes? If an intention is pure would they be need for secrecy?


Eeeh, e b like I dey speak too much grammar today.. let’s break it down


Sister, if that brothers claims he loves you why is it hidden? You too sister if you claim you love him why are you hiding? Is there something going on or you sre both not truthful to each other? Abi you dey play around? Isnt this what we call call hide and seek? Wait let me drink water..


Which one is “You know am a private person, I have haters everywhere, I don’t want anyone to know anything about us, when am ready to settle down I’ll publicize it myself” Superstar! if you’re in this category, that Brother/Sister is scamming you oo! So even your parents can’t know who you’re dating because of your private life abi? Osheey! Private ke, his just passing time with you dear and truth is you deserve better.


If he/she is not proud of introducing you to his family and friends, he/she don’t deserve you.


In other to avoid heartbreak, learn to walk out early enough when respect is no longer served. Except you want a special breakfast served.


One of the greatest indication of love is that your partner becomes proud to show you off; if he can’t forgerrit.

Come to think of it, if he now start misbehaving who will you report him to?

When the relationship is just between you both.


Don’t say I didn’t tell you, learn to be sensitive at all times.

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Public or Private Relationship as a Christian Which Is Better

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