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December 25th, Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of the Messiah. Christmas has always been a memorable celebration for Christians around the world and will continually be the greatest celebration held anuallly.  Christmas is a season of love, a season of celebration and an expression of gratitude for the bringing forth of our savior.  Just like the three wise men in the bible presented gifts to Jesus Christ at his birth, it’s also a season of sharing amazing gifts, reconciling yourself to Christ and living a life of love.  Whenever a child is born into a home, the new born baby brings a certain kind of Joy that words can’t express, How much more the birth of a king; that has been our help, our protector, our deliverer and sustainer?   Let the Joy of Christmas dwell richly in us, that even after the celebration of the birth of christ our lives will be filled with Joy continually.  Have a wonderful and blissful Christmas celebration and remember Jesus is the reason for this season.


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