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Two Amazing female power houses set the tone for 2021 in the gospel music industry

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2021 started on a rather high note in the gospel industry. Especially for two amazing women Aghogho and Monica Ogah as both music minister released their new extended playlist on the 15th and 10th of January respectively. They sure stole our hearts with these bodies of work, hence our Album review. Let’s get started with Monica Ogah’s.

Monica Ogah – Different EP
Award winning singer and song writer Monica Ogah was born on the 7th of August, 1994. She was the winner of the fourth edition of MTN Project Fame West Africa in 2011. She went to make impact in the music industry releasing her first studio album tagged ’Sometime in August’. She followed up with singles, however, she made a full switch to gospel music in 2019 and released songs like Reason and Over again to usher her in. On the 10th of January, 2021 she released her first body of work as a full-time gospel artist titled ’Different’ (EP).

The Ep has 8 tracks with collaborations from Kenny Blaq Geoffrey Orji, Ada Ehi, Double G and Oye Akindeinde. A body of work with a blend of Afrobeats, Ballad and R&B.

The first track on the Ep is the intro, amazingly this track houses all the collaboration on the EP. Its a track explaining the theme of the Extended Playlist. Kenny black takes the lead telling us what makes him unique and different, followed by the amazing Ada Ehi, Oye Akindeinde (entertainment and Tech Executive), Geoffrey Orji and Double G. The intro sets the tone for the rest of the seven tracks.

Monica’s dexterity is absolutely one thing that sets are apart from the rest. She easily expresses herself vocally on this song. Tailored to perfection with the well arranged background vocals. This track is soothing to the ears and also passes a message of believers being overcomers.

Onye Le Ba Wa
This particular song was rendered in her native dialect. A song of thanksgiving to God for all He does and represents. Narrative the indescribable nature of God.

Over Again
No surprise this song made it to the EP as this was one of the song that ushered her fully into the gospel industry. The song is an assurance of the supremacy and goodness of God. One scripture that clearly explains this song is Hebrews 13:8, KJV: “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”

You can download Over Again by Monica Ogah

You know that perfect blend of afrobeats we talked about earlier on, well! This is it. Demons will surely tremble at the mention of the name. Confirming how great life is having God on your side and dancing at the same, has to be an experience beyond this earth. Monica embraced afrobeats and delivered it in its entirety.

4th Man
A song of worship that adores God for His great and mighty works. She starts with serenading the song with tongues and goes on to deliver a song that warms the heart while praising God. Once again, well orchestrated background vocals. Major reference is the story of the three Hebrew men thrown into a fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Babylon, when they refuse to bow down to the king’s image; the three are preserved from harm and the king sees four men walking in the flames, “the fourth … like a son of God”. Check Daniel 3:16-28.

The Amapiano sound was always going to make its way into the gospel industry. Monica sure did justice to the South African sound. An amazing song of praise to God. She is definitely a custodian of her native dialect as she decorates this smash single with her native dialect as seen also in the song ’Onye Le Ba Wa.’

Download The Reason by Monica Ogah

The Reason
Yoruba, Igbo and English in one song, it’s safe to say, she embraces every tribe while skillfully fusing them into her music. The last track on the EP clearly elucidates the reason behind her existence, a song of praise to that reason, which apparently is God. She called Him Oba Ogo (Yoruba) which means King of Glory.

Monica Ogah’s debut album is an exceptional body of work. A body of work that exalts God in various ways and melodies.

Stream Different EP


Aghogho – Aghogho EP

On the 15th of January Abuja based singer and songwriter Aghogho released her self titled EP ’Aghogho’. The multigenre inspirational and gospel music minister made this body of work for not just the body of Christ but for everyone who seeks happiness and desires inspiration. The EP has received massive airplays and Aghogho is not stopping despite several media rounds.

The Extended playlist was produced by Wilson Joel popularly known as ’Music Magnate.’ The EP is properly arranged and produced with tunes that make you happy and inspired.

Who are you
’You are who you are when you’re alone. You know, those times when its just you all by yourself, when no one knows where you are, That’s really who you are. When you are away from it all and it’s just you by yourself. When you think no one sees you, yeah!!! that’s who you really are.’
These are words spoken by Aghogho at the beginning of the song and they are the perfect summary of the song. Solemnly and melodiously passing a message of how that God watches over every of our actions.

Need You
The place of God in our life’s journey cannot be ignored. This song is a cry to God seeking for His help. Aghogho perfectly paints a picture of what life is, what it(life) looks like without God and what happens when one is helped of God.

Also Download Than Before by Aghogho

The Tomorrow
Perfect Background vocals, melodious horns and well synchronized instrumentations are the perfect definition of this song. The Jazz feel of this song makes it outstanding coupled with the simple yet soothing lyrics.

Get Up
This song tell us the story of a man who sits in a corner and will sit all day not knowing what to do. He had dreams of becoming a great man , but life was starring him in the face because it would do no good just to sit, think and take no action. Aghogho encourages people to get up and take actions. Chase your dreams and see doors open for you. This song inspires one to take actions and do the needful.

I Believe
Imagine the Late Fela singing a gospel song. Aghogho goes the extra mile on this single. A perfect Afro sound encouraging people to believe in themselves. Percussions, horns, background vocals soothing to the heart.
A fan had this to say about the song ’The Afro took me by surprise, different from all the oyinbo.’ Aghogho replied on her instagram saying ’we all need a little ’sumtin’ every now and then to spice our lives, seems like ’i believe’ was it for #aghoghoEp.’ We are excited to see Aghogho go out of yer comfort zone and do extraordinarily.

A song of victory because we are connected to God. Living above the status quo, being the head and not the tail, staying above and not beaneath, the enemy not being able see us coming because we are connected to God. The joy and happiness that radiates in this song is contagious.


Stream Aghogho The EP

This amazing duo (Aghogho and Monica Ogah) and female power houses sure set a high tone for the gospel music industry.

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