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Your actions and words, impacts on children. Part 2

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Heartbreak, disappointments and pains is bound to happen to some relationships for specific reasons. Most times the women tend to be more hurt in this process than the men; that’s because women attach much more emotions to everything than the guys. Some home’s today, still suffer from the effects of heartbreak from the wife and mother all because she didn’t heal from the previous relationship before getting into another relationship/marriage. Untill you’re over your previous relationship don’t get into another, this has caused more harm in many homes both to the spouse and most especially the children. Most kids have been impacted with negative mindset coming from a place of pain and have taken it as a lifestyle. We see some people full of hate, arrogance and negative vibes all because they were trained by wounded people. However, This is one of the many reasons why people shouldn’t live a judgmental life; everyone has a story you need to listen to before concluding on them. Life has its ups and downs but in all don’t let life turn you into a shadow of yourself.  Although, some might feel it’s really difficult to be good with the number of bad people out there. In all, think of the sanity of the kids you’re raising; your words are powerful enough and when used negatively can be detrimental to their future. Don’t raise children filled with negative stigma against the opposite sex because of what you’ve been through. Don’t end up raising beasts because of your past. There are a lot of good people out there and your children can add to that number. Let the error of passing pains to your kids stop! the society is battling with a lot of wounded people already, and you can help make a difference by raising children with the right mindset and inculcating positive vibes to them rather than the opposite. If you feel you were badly hurt by people, teach your child not to be responsible for hurting people feelings instead of the other way round. In all pray to God for guidance, raising a nation isn’t an easy task.

May God help our parents

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