Your actions and words, the impact on children

Your actions and words, the impact on children.

Parenting is not an easy task, it involves all form of discipline, precautions, dos and don’t.Children at young age tend to be very smart and learn very fast as a result of their proactive brain at that stage.

Parents on the other hand are expected to use their words wisely to the young ones at that stage.This children brain at young age absorbs any information that gets to them ( both positive and negative) so as parents in other not to pass the wrong information to this kids unknowingly, there should be proper use of words that they can understand not the other way round.

Parenting involves lot of patience so as to avoid corrupting the thought of a child.

Earlier today, a little girl of about 8 years old was playing with her friends within the same age range, then I noticed she was securing a black bag that had some stuffs inside; though I didn’t know what was inside at first so I ignored.

After a while, this same girl was talking with her friends and she said ” I have shoes for sale” Ahh! I was wondering if I heard well and had to call the little girl; when she came i asked her what she said earlier and she repeated the same thing “Aunty I have shoes for sale” I was surprised because I know her parents and they’re well to do. Her mum is a banker, a master holder as well and her dad is really doing well and drives more than one car same with her mom. What brought about the little girl of 8 selling shoes, I became inquisitive then she said “Yesterday, I told my dad I wanted to buy a story book and he said we’re eating his money anyhow, we should go and start making money. That’s why I decided to sell my shoes that are worn out in other to make money and buy the story book.”

Now, her dad in question didn’t mean it that way but because the younger children pay more attention to what they hear she took it serious. she had her shoes and her brother’s in the black leather for sales like she said. It might sound funny but it’s not.   Asking a young female child at that age to go and make money is detrimental, now the young girl just needed to do anything to make money like her dad said.    Imagine her growing with that mentality from this early stage, Truth is she will indulge in anything that will give her money because that word has been registered in her head already.   We talk in disdain how young ladies do anything for money without knowing what led to such quest for that money. Some parents has led their children astray with that statement, and this error has to be corrected. You gave birth to that child and that means, you’re to take responsibility for the well-being of that child.  Using the wrong words on them early will ruin their mindset as this children pay keen attention to words. In all seek God’s intervention because in training a child, they need all the moral support you can ever imagine. Alot of damage has taken place already in the society and we need well trained youth’s to rise and correct some of this wrong impressions in the society already. Let’s be guided dear parents, your words to your children can either build or break them.  Use your words rightly and always remember they’ll lead some day and what you thought them will reflect in their actions tomorrow.

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Your actions and words, the impact on children

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