BeatsRelationship: No Man Wants to Date a Coconut head

Waking up with lots of thoughts on this subject matter. As a fine young, well blessed and endowed daughter of Zion, I understand this is not one of the topics you want to read. I know you’re beautiful and you want to date a very handsome guy with lots of malachi (Smh who wouldn’t want such a guy); That’s really cool but hope apart from being beautiful there’s a lot more you can offer in that relationship? Shebi you are not offended by that question? Sister the truth is ‘No man wants to date a girl with a coconut head’.

Every man wants a woman with content and value. I hope you won’t start asking me what is VALUE?

Every man wants a woman that can plan ahead and manage his finance appropriately.

So aunty instead of demanding for Bone straight, Brazilian hair, Gucci bag and etc always, why not help uncle to invest wisely.

Instead of relying only on your beauty why not get to work. Maybe aspire to become the Proverbs 31 woman? How about that?

No wonder, with all the beauty, the heartbreak is still enormous. Eeeh, please don’t say Rita is mocking me? How dare I?

Everyday men are scum, men are scum! Hello ma, men are not scum; it’s what you choose to date that scummed (Hehee, Am I right or wrong) you or what you are in the relationship that turned him to a scum in your own eyes.

If the only thing you talk about is how to look more beautiful, sexy, the latest beauty products, the biggest parties and so on. Just know you’re the real scum in other words you’re a waster. But is that all you can offer? Do you know beauty fades? Have you asked yourself how all this artificial things you are crazy about might fade off within a twinkle of an eye? Oshe fine girl , wake up, get serious with your life, No man wants a coconut head.. Shebi the the phrase ‘Beauty and Brain’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary?

Develop yourself today and you’ll become the best version of you. Men may like the physical endowment and all but what is left of that?

If it means taking your time of relationship to really help yourself please do, it’s worth it. Do you know you can be beautiful with brains and filled with the Holy Ghost?  Let know if we should continue this topic or not…

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  1. More grace ma
    Love the write up♥️♥️♥️??

  2. Wow. This is apt and timely. Keep digging Sis. This Generation and beyond longs for more insights and revelatory knowledge from His most choiced Beloved like you.

    I really appreciate you Dear Rita