Exclusive Interview with Abuja based ‘This Year’ Crooner Minstrel Paul

Our correspondent Rita Eze caught up with the energetic and super talented singer Ohiemi Paul Bartholomew popularly known as Minstrel Paul for an exclusive gist. Read the excerpt

NaijaGospelBeats: Let’s meet you?

Minstrel Paul: My name is Ohiemi Paul Bartholomew, but many people know me by my stage name  which is “Minstrel Paul” I hail from Kogi state and based in Abuja.
I serve under the leadership of Gods servant “Dr Pastor Paul Enenche” of Dunamis international gospel center (DIGC).
I am a youth choir music director, worship and praise leader and a songwriter.

NaijaGospelBeats :What inspires you to do music?

Minstrel Paul: The craving to be a blessing and make impact in my generation.

NaijaGospelBeats What is it about music that makes you feel so passionate about it?

Minstrel Paul The fact that people can’t do without good music as it connects to the soul of man.
Also cos I realize that the ear is one of the major gates to our hearts and whatsoever goes in and digested affects our lives either positively or negatively…so it fuels my passion to do good music in order to affect lives through the medium.

NaijaGospelBeats What are the challenges you face as an artist and how did you overcome?
Minstrel Paul : Truth is that, there are no smooth paths in life, you know, life is a challenge and we have no option than to face it. The music ministry and industry is not an exception, we are daily faced with too many challenges but I’ll mention a few ranging from skill development (rehearsals), songwriting, music production and promotion…In all we thank God for the strength to fly over these huddles.

NaijaGospelBeats :If your music was a food, what food will it be?
Minstrel Paul : My music will be Balanced diet-pro because of its uniqueness and sweet style.

NaijaGospelBeats :If you weren’t a Nigerian, What Nationality would you prefer?
Minstrel Paul: My Nigerianness can never be traded for another
I really don’t think I can survive not being a Zionite in Nigeria

NaijaGospelBeats :Do you do music professionally or just a passive career?

Minstrel Paul : I do music professionally.


Exclusive Interview with Abuja based 'This Year' Crooner Minstrel Paul

NaijaGospelBeats : Apart from music, what are your hobbies?
Minstrel Paul : Dancing, reading books and traveling.

NaijaGospelBeats :Where do you see yourself in the next 5 – 10 years?

Minstrel Paul: Scriptures speaking it said ” The path of a just man is as a bright shining light that shines more and more unto a perfect day” I said that to say in about 5-10 years from now, I see myself crisscrossing the nations of the earth preaching Yeshua through music (Still in God’s will for my life and ministry)

NaijaGospelBeats : Who’s your role model in the music industry?

Minstrel Paul : Min Owie Abutu (I call him my Music Oracle)

NaijaGospelBeats :Do you subscribe to artiste charging? If yes Why, if No why?

Minstrel Paul: NO Comment

NaijaGospelBeats  : So what should we expect next?

Something HOOOOOOGE. Don’t mind me, that was on a lighter note. You should be expecting Radio tours, our visuals hitting your screens soonest And many more project I may not talk about right now that are in the block.

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