‘I’d rather have the spirit of my spiritual father in me than that of Jesus’__ Akuila (CEO)

A popular South African pastor in Lambasa by name ” Akuila (CEO) in a recent live service told his members that he’d rather have the spirit of his spiritual father ‘ Prophet Uber Angel’ a well known prophet in South Africa than that of Jesus Christ.

According to the preacher (Akuila (CEO) he said he once had and used the spirit of Jesus but it didn’t yeild results while that of his spiritual father did.

so therefore in his words, he said “I’d rather have the spirit of Prophet Uber Angel in me than that if Jesus” after his controversial statement to his members some were marveld while others applauded him. he further stated that he knew what he was talking about and insisted his spiritual father’s spirit worked more than that of Jesus.

in his words,

“I know what I’m talking about, ever since I stepped into the grave of Prophet Ubert Angel everything began to work”

he therefore concluded by saying “I have no other message to preach to the world than ‘prophet Ubert Angel’.





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'I'd rather have the spirit of my spiritual father in me than that of Jesus'__ Akuila (CEO)

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