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If my husband cheats on me, I’ll change my ways and pamper him to love me again__ Ghanaian relationship coach

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Popular Ghanaian relationship counsellor, Charlotte Oduro, has advised wives to not leave their cheating husbands and told them what to do to get their husband’s love back.

In an interview on Kofi TV, the marriage coach said it would be unwise for a woman to leave her home for another woman to take over, so she should shower her husband with love and care even after he cheats.

According to her, a woman’s actions might be the reason her husband is cheating. Therefore, when a woman discovers her husband is cheating, she should first work on her attitude.

“If my husband cheats, I am not leaving him. I will die with him. Maybe, my actions are the reason he is cheating so I will change my ways and pamper him to love me again.” she said.

Meanwhile, Princess Shyngle has given married women an important tip to prevent their husbands from cheating.

Shyngle stated that if women cheat back anytime their husbands cheat on them, the men will start thinking twice before cheating.

She added that it will also make the rate of divorce reduce.

In her words,

“If married women also cheat anytime they catch their husband’s cheating, I promise you married men will start thinking twice before cheating on their wives. The rate of divorce will reduce.

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