Limoblaze and Da-Truth takes Contemporary gospel music beyond the norm

Limoblaze and Da-Truth takes Comtemporary gospel music beyond the norm.

Limoblaze and Da-Truth takes Contemporary gospel music beyond the norm

Bridges, a collaborative album by Nigerian Contemporary gospel artiste Limoblaze and grammy nominated American rapper Da-Truth has been trending since its release on Friday, the 23rd of November, 2020. The album reviews keep piling up but Limoblaze had this to say about the album;

’’ I made this for the body of Christ; here’s a sound y’all didn’t know you needed. I made this for every good music lover; you would be shocked at how much elevated your soul, body and spirit would feel if you fed it clean content that carried adequate positivity.

I made this for every kid in Africa who has been conditioned to accept this huge wall of impossibilities surrounding their dreams; hey we made you a bridge, climb out!. I made this for everyone seeking reconciliation of all sorts, here is a bridge to where you need to be.’’


Da’ T.R.U.T.H states, “In these dark and polarizing times, Bridges is a hope-filled album that fuses hip-hop and Afrobeat. It’s Upbeat, fun, and energetic melodies will make you dance, while it’s provocative themes will make you think. Two of the most highly respected artists in their respective genres have teamed up to give us a body of work that will move the culture forward in building bridges, not barriers.”

The collaborative album contains nine tracks featuring top notch beas, amazing rhythmic elements and well planned instrumentations and of course not forgetting the amazing featured artistes Zambian gospel sensation Solomon Plate, Jamaican gospel singer Papa San and American singer and pastor, Travis Greene.

Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and rising Afro-Gospel sensation, Limoblaze team up to release collaborative album Bridges. The nine-track album
features atmospheric beats, catchy melodic elements, raw instrumentation, and
grasping vocals by the artists.

We will review the songs on the album individually, first off;

This song begins with a melodious orchestra in the background that draws all your attention to listen. Few seconds later (0:36) it swings into a full afrobeat jam with the background orchestra playing in between. Limoblaze praises God for the kind of love he endows on us as believers melodiously with Da-Truth critically explaining with bars how God loves.

’’mo gbe damu soke
Idamu aye mi soke
mo gbe damu soke(2x)’’
The first three lines of the song start with yoruba that translates;
’ i take my worries to heaven
the worries of my life to heaven
I take my worries to heaven’
Heaven being a representation of God. Limoblaze and Da-Truth sends a message of the vanities and worries of world fusing afrobeats and rap.

Raggae/Dance hall at its best form is a perfect representation of this song. Limoblaze and Da-Truth take us on a jouney of God’s blessing on their lives and how they are all about the kingdom business till the ends of the world.

’You made a bridge after standing on landmines’. This is probably the deepest song on the album. The lyrical content of fhis song was well arranged along side the melodious and chilled sound. If you’re searching for a song to help ’calm down’ and think of God’s faithfulness, then this is it. For the records Da-Truth went really hard on this joint.

GO LIKE ft. Solomon Plate
EDM’s (Electronic Dance Music) are certainly not a genre you get to see in the African gospel industy often. This is the first song with a feature on the album. A feel of pure hip-hop and slow EDM fused creates a sound tha celebrates God for His love. In the words of Limoblaze ’God’s love is in demand and i never doubt the man who painted perfect pictures of love on the cross he(Jesus) hanged.’ Being the only song he graced with his lyrical intelligence/rap, he brought his A-GAME. Solomon plate excellently delivers, displaying his vocal dexterity on another level. The combo of the trio was perfect for the song.

First time i saw the title of this song i was expecting an india movie feel because all india movies have intermissions but Alas, Its a song about societal ills (corruption, pandemic etc). Bear in mind, Limoblaze started the prayer walk movement during the ENDSARS protest, perhaps that partly fueled the need for this song. Da-Truth encourages everyone to trust God even amidst bad governance. Ending the song he(Da-Truth) said ’nobody gets away with murder trust me God’s gonna sort it out’.


MEAN TIME ft Papa San
Papa San dished out Patios(Jamaican native language) in a fantastic manner after Da-truth lays the foundation excellently with well structured rap. Another song on the album with a Jamaican feel, difference is this one has an actual Jamaican singer on it.

SOUND OF VICTORY ft Travis Greene
One Nigerian and two americans created a work of art in afrobeats (fink about it). Limoblaze starts with the intro/hookin a carribean beat then Da-Truth enter with rap switching the beat from Carribean to trap. Limoblaze comes again with the hook before Travis greene graces the chorus beautifully. The fusion of trap and Carribean creates a sweet tune that will sweep you off your feet such that you start dancing. The sequence and pattern of the song is one worthy of commendations.

Apart from being the last song on the album, it is a song about getting close to God. Straying away from every form of distraction and focusing on God. A mid-tempo Calypso genre with a calm feel to get you reminiscing about your relationship with God. Da-Truth also enjoins Limoblaze and listeners to eliminate substances that might move them away from their love for God.
Bridges is no doubt one of the best gospel body of work created in 2020. Limoblaze is definitely out to redefine gospel music in Africa.

What do you think of the album BRIDGES??

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