How To Identify A Proper Worship Album: The Outcry (Worship album Playlist) Review by Meka


Pastor Ovie Onini & Purebreed has released their debut album project titled “The OutCry”. The album is coming just after a single ‘Invade Me’ off the project was released earlier in October this year. Born and raised in the heart of Warri, Delta State, Nigeria Ovie Onini recognized and accepted the call of God early upon Him and dedicated himself to it.

He is the lead pastor at The Glory Dawn Christian Center In Warri, with a vision to raise people who will Unleash the Light of Christ and His Kingdom at all cost, at all times, and in all spheres of influence.

He is joyously married to Ovuoke Onini and they are blessed with two wonderful sons, Igbunu and Otaroghene.

The album personifies great sounds enforcing the mind of God for mankind and building an intimacy and the move of the spirit. Recorded live in Warri, “The OutCry” is a worship album that sparks the urge for intimacy and deep fellowship.

How To Identify A Proper Worship Album: The Outcry (Worship album Playlist) Review by Meka

Let’s get straight into the reviews track by track;

1. Intro (The Word)
The album starts with Words of exaltation from Pastor Ovie Onini and this words summarizes the intent of the album. He (Pastor Ovie Onini) speaks about A Sound evoking God’s Presence. “The sound of the Lord is Like a staircase…and your sound creates a staircase for God to move.” The Word in 24 seconds was sure tight and accurate for the intent of the album.

2. The Outcry
The second song on the 13 track album is a worship song with a 3/4 time signature. The song starts with a call and response between Pastor Ovie and the congregation of what actually is the Chorus of the song. The second song is clearly an extended version of the fifth track on the album titled “The Sound”, it might seem odd that the extended version of a song comes before the actual song but “The Outcry” perfectly fits the number two spots because it expatiates the word on the first track. The Lyrics are deep and melodiously complements the first track. It’s pertinent that I actually compliment the sequence of this sound and the role of the musicians (instrumentalist and backups) but I’d do that at the end of the review.

3. Glory Medley 1
Worship clearly works hand in hand with an understanding of the one it’s been ascribed to and Pastor Ovie & Purebreed knew this for a fact. The Glory Medley is a two part worship medley, The first part which doubles as the third track on the album is a combination of two popular worship songs “We give you Glory Lord… and, You are the Lord let your Name be glorified… The names Pastor Ovie calls God in between are soothing not just because He uses native Warri language but also because it sits perfectly with the rhythm of the song.

4. Glory Medley 2
The Glory Medley 2 is the second part of the worship medley and it is a combination of two songs “His Name is Higher…Be thou Exalted Oh Lord above all Heavens”. The sound is clearly tongue provoking as it ends with sounds of people speaking in tongues clearly during the Live Recording.

5. The Sound
Now we are back to the 3/4 time signature. The sound is the first part of ‘The Outcry’ the second track on the album. Listening to the full song is actually more exciting after listening to the extended version first, another point to prove the extended version was a perfect fit for track 2. The lyrics are a broad illustration of scriptures (Psalm 24:1, 1 Cor 10:26 & Psalm 24:7), it is a song of exaltation to “Oghene me, Ovie rivie” (My God, Kings of Kings). It also encourages lifting a sound to God.

6. Yahweh is Beautiful
‘Yahweh is Beautiful’ is the first word you hear at the beginning of the sixth track of an exciting worship album. The song edifies the person of God, showering Him with econiums for the amazing things He does. The Bass guitar on this song was as beautiful as the song and, the dynamic style of the time signature (3/4) by the drummer was impressive. To summarize this track, picture the song “Eh eh eh eh My God is Good o” on a 3/4 time signature and with beautifully decorated verses.

7. Invade ME (Word)
“…before we move to the next song, I need to bring a burden that the Lord impressed upon my heart…” were the exact words of Rev. Kesiena Esiri who brought the word during the Live recording. The word is one the world needs to hear and it’s little or no wonder it made it to the tracklist. When you listen to the word you would get the concept of “Thirst” for God. The World needs to hear this word. I literally screamed hearing words like “If you do not align with the right sound you will no longer be able to feed the body..” and more were words that surely touched the core of my spirit.

8. You are Everything
The eight track is the longest track on the album. Twelve minutes of sensational worship, exalting God and acknowledging Him as our everything.

9. Promise Keeper
This song serves as a reminder to us that God is a Words are “Ye and Amen”. His words are sure and He never fails. The lead singer held it down smoothly on this track with a soothing vocal.

10. Promise Keeper (Reprise)
An intense reprise of the ninth track by Pastor Ovier Onini. The combination of the Violins, the drum beats of war in between, The lead singer from the actual song, Ovie Onini and the BGVs are a unique combination.

11. We Won’t Move
Psalm 27:4 ‘One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek:That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,To behold the beauty of the Lord And to meditate in His temple.’ was the scripture I thought of when listening to this particular track. Of course the song is more broad than this and that’s what makes it lovely. It talks about waiting on the Lord and staying in His presence as God changes everything when He steps in. The delivery of the background vocalist at the beginning was outstanding, and the lead singer clearly understood the assignment and what shall we say about the instrumentalist (oh myyyyyy… i’d keep it till the end of this review).

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12. The River
The River is a song of declaration of diving in the River of the Spirit and having no plans coming out of that presence. It’s a song of prayer and it might just get you to rattle in tongues. The drummer must have gotten lost in this song as he went off(expressly displaying his creativity) in between the song, the review for this song would be incomplete without complementing the flow of bridge at 05:16mins, huge shoutouts to the background vocalists. This song is a masterpiece.

13. Invade Me
Finally, the last song on the album is a song of surrender to God. A song of prayer to God to invade our hearts and we surrender. Like every song on the album, this song will get you to worship.

The Outcry album is an excellent worship album with proper BGVs, instrumentalist and an understanding of what worship is. The instrumentalists are supernaturally gifted for their assignment, they were impressive in their delivery. You can never go wrong with worship with an album like this in your playlist.


Listen and tell me what you think about the album and if you’re able to guess my favorite track on the album, you just might get a little prize!

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  1. Can’t get over the Experience Listening. We are Great full to God for this Vessel Pastor Ovie Onini and the Team for Giving to the Lord and birthing this Great songs!!! Great Grace and Heights in Jesus name Amen!!